CNC Services

Alan Harp Design is happy to offer CNC routing services to those in need of precision cut parts made of wood, plastics and soft metals. Partnering with Art Effects Framing in Norcross, GA, Alan can help you design and engineer your parts, or complete furniture pieces, to your specifications.

Utilizing a Laguna SmartShop II with a 48" x 96" cutting area, the CNC router can machine both flat panel products and sculptural 3D parts up to a thickness of 5".  We can accept a variety of file types including dxf, dwg, stl, eps, ai, pdf and skp with which to create CAD CAM programs for the Computer Numerically Controlled router. Aspire software by Vectric is used to create the G-code.

With over 15 years of experience teaching CNC routing technology and programming, Alan is ready to get your parts made for you.  The slideshow to the right shows just a sampling of projects Alan has completed utilizing CNC routing technology.

Please contact Alan via email or call him at 404-935-2654 to discuss your CNC routing needs.

Pricing Schedule:
$  35 set up fee (one time per job)
$  50/hour Programming into Aspire (1/2 hr min. Applied to total job if      exceeds 1 hr.)
$  70/hr Design/drafting from other customer files if not standard    formats listed above.
$   8/square foot to print full scale line drawings

$100/hour CNC machine time (1/2hr minimum)

$  35 Digital flatbed scanning from images/drawings
$  45/hr Parts sorting
$  45 Palletizing per skid
$180/month storage fee, up to 4'x8' sheet footprint