The Process

The process described below is typical for furniture or products.  Obviously it depends on the project
you have commissioned as to the actual details.  You ultimately get what you had in mind, because Alan
likes to have happy clients. Contact Alan at 404-935-2654 or via email to see how we can work together.

Step 1: Alan meets with you to discuss your needs and does a brainstorm session with you.  The meeting usually results in some quick sketches of proposed ideas.
Step 2: Alan goes back to the studio to create more refined drawings of the ideas.  You will typically receive several ideas from which to choose.  An agreement is made on the design and the budget.
Step 3: The real work begins.  Alan cranks out your idea and keeps you up to date on the progress.
Step 4: Alan delivers your new piece and photographs the item in place (or previously in the studio).  Everybody is happy!